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Grow your business with Google Ads.

Create Google Search ads within 4 simple steps to boost your reach and attract new relevant customers! Only pay for ads that get clicked on.

Benefits of using Search Autopilot

4 simple steps

Easily create search ads on Google

Automated creation

Benefit from automation

Stay in control

Stay in control of your budget

Up to €400 of advertising spend for free

Launch your first campaign, spend some, get some. Receive €400 of advertising spend for free to get your business going!

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Run Google Ads Automated

Select the right search terms and location(s) in which your ads should be shown and drive relevant traffic to your website effectively.

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Be in control of your budget

Only pay for ads that get clicked on & easily set budget limits for your campaigns - always stay in charge of your advertising costs.

Create your account, use the platform for free

Easy & Automated

Have your Google Search Ads live within minutes! The tool is user-friendly, as it's been designed for anyone to use it.

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Boost your Google Ads Performance

The proof is in the pudding.

30,132 and counting

Online businesses trusted us


€ Managed in Google Ads spend


Campaigns have been generated shortly


Conversions have been generated via our tools

Start using now and be in advantage later!


Increase online results with easy campaign creation Create campaigns fast & easily up to €500 spend/month.


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€0 - €500


Benefit from more features in expert mode Manage and create conversion tracking in Expert Mode.


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€500 - €2,500


Scale your business and benefit from insights Tracking and analyse campaign performance.


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€2,500 - €5,000


No limites with the Enterprise package. Maximise campaigns and your business.


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> €5000

Receive up to €400 advertising credit

Benefit from bonus advertising credit to boost your business.


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Freemium account

Easy set-up

No expertise required

Create your advertising account easily in 2 minutes. Up to €400 of budget for free.

You can create your account and use it for free, lifetime!


Create your free account

Create your account with us, unlimited for free up to €500 spend. Connect your existing Google Ad account, or go for the option to create an ad account with us.


Set your business goal

Set your business goal, whether this is increasing website traffic, attracting shoppers to your store or create a strong brand. Up to you!


Benefit from automated creation

Create your campaign in 4 simple steps. Select the keywords and location you would like your business to be shown on. Benefit from automated creation of your ad, built based on machine learning.



Ready! Review the campaign and go live.

Boost your business with Google Search Ads

Get your account set up started and publish your very first campaign with Search Autopilot

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